What are the benefits of the PIXARTPRO programme?
1. The chance to receive a PIXARTPRO voucher every month proportionate to the amount you spent the previous month – on the first day of every month Pixartprinting will reward you with a voucher calculated based on your total spend from the month before. If you exceed the lowest spend threshold (€1), you will receive a voucher for the amount you spent the previous month multiplied by that threshold's percentage value (the thresholds are shown in the table). The monthly spend used to generate the voucher for the following month is based on the total spent (excluding discounts or other vouchers, VAT, postage and packaging) on print jobs for which payment has been received and with a delivery date that falls within that particular month.
For example, if you spend €5,000 in May, on 1st June you will be awarded a PIXARTPRO voucher worth €500 to spend with Pixartprinting by the end of 30th June.
2. Access to exclusive services designed to improve your work – you will be entitled to free services and benefits dedicated to graphic arts professionals. Stay tuned, and keep checking the services available on the PIXARTPRO page – we will continue to create new perks based on your needs and your suggestions.
What is a PIXARTPRO voucher?
A PIXARTPRO voucher is a voucher awarded to you on the first day of every month if you exceed one of four monthly spend thresholds.
How are PIXARTPRO vouchers generated?
On the last day of each month, the final monthly spend will be calculated, and (assuming the total is above the programme's lowest minimum threshold) a PIXARTPRO voucher will be generated. The monthly spend is calculated from the total spent on print jobs that have been paid for and dispatched with a delivery date set for within the same month, excluding any discounts or other vouchers, VAT and postage and packaging.
For example, to calculate the monthly spend for May, which will be used to generate a PIXARTPRO voucher to use in June, only the total amount spent on print jobs that have been paid for and dispatched with a delivery date before the end of May will be considered, excluding discounts or other vouchers, VAT and postage and packing.
When you reach a certain monthly spend threshold and thereby earn a PIXARTPRO voucher, it fully replaces the PIXARTPRO vouchers earned for lower monthly spend thresholds. Customers do not also accumulate the vouchers for previous thresholds upon reaching the intermediate thresholds and the highest threshold. Reaching a threshold leads to the award of a set monthly voucher that effectively replaces the vouchers from the thresholds below.
Can totals accrued on different accounts be combined to obtain a PIXARTPRO voucher?
No, totals accrued on different accounts cannot be combined, even if they belong to the same person or company. To take advantage of the programme, all orders must be placed using the same account.
Where can I check how much I have accrued during the month towards receiving a PIXARTPRO voucher?
In the PIXARTPRO section of the My Account area you can check the current total and total for jobs in progress at any time. The current total displays the total net amount spent (excluding discounts or vouchers, VAT, postage and packaging) on print jobs that have been dispatched with a delivery date that falls in the current month. Your voucher will be generated based on this total if you reach the required threshold. The total for jobs in progress displays the sum of the net totals (excluding discounts or vouchers, VAT, postage and packaging) for print jobs that have not yet been dispatched with a delivery date in the current month. Remember that the current total is used to calculate your vouchers – it is therefore important that you proceed to payment and upload a print-ready file so your print jobs can be printed and dispatched before the end of the month!
Where can I see the scheduled delivery date for an order?
Before ordering
When choosing your product, and before adding it to your basket, you have the option of choosing the estimated delivery date.
Once you have added the product to your basket, and before confirming the order, the summary shows the estimated delivery date for each print job.
After ordering
Once you have uploaded your file and paid, you can see the scheduled delivery date for each print job next to the status of the file by clicking on the order number in the My Orders section of the My Account area.
How can I check whether the item has been dispatched?
Pixartprinting will send you an email when each item is dispatched. You can also check whether your print job has been dispatched in the My Orders section of the My Account area.
What happens if I place the order today (e.g. 28th March) but the products are scheduled to be delivered the following month (e.g. 2nd April)?
Say an order is placed on 28th March containing two print jobs: one with a delivery date set for 30th March, and the other for 2nd April. In this case the first print job, if dispatched as scheduled, will go towards the PIXARTPRO voucher to use during April (assuming at least the first threshold has been reached), while the second print job will go towards the voucher to use during May (because the delivery date is set for April).
Does the PIXARTPRO voucher have an expiry date? If so, when is it?
Each PIXARTPRO voucher is valid for one month and expires at the end of the month in which it is generated.
For example, a PIXARTPRO voucher awarded on 1st April will expire on 30th April.
Where can I see how much my PIXARTPRO voucher is worth and a summary of my transactions?
You can look back at all transactions connected to your PIXARTPRO voucher and check the amount received that month in the PIXARTPRO section of the My Account area.
Can I decide not to use the PIXARTPRO voucher?
When placing an order, you can decide not to use your PIXARTPRO voucher at all, and save it for a future order. However, make sure you use it in the month it was generated, before it expires.
Can I decide to use my PIXARTPRO voucher only on certain items in an order?
No, the voucher is applied to the entire order. If you decide to use a voucher on an order, you must use it for all print jobs within that order. It will be automatically divided between all of the items. Remember that in all cases the minimum cost of each print job is €1.
Can I use the PIXARTPRO voucher in conjunction with a promotion?
Yes, you can use a PIXARTPRO voucher on an order that contains items on special offer.
I have recently changed VAT number and had PIXARTPRO credit on my other account, can I transfer it to my new account?
Amounts accrued on different accounts cannot be combined or transferred, even if they belong to the same person or company.
Who can join the PIXARTPRO programme?
The PIXARTPRO programme is open to customers registered as companies or freelance professionals with a VAT number, if they belong to one of the following sectors:
  • Marketing agencies
  • Graphic design studios
  • Printing
  • Exhibition design
Pixartprinting will check the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided. It may take 2-3 working days following registration for the PIXARTPRO programme to be active on your account.
In addition, customers that belong to our Starway(R) loyalty programme will be automatically enrolled on the PIXARTPRO programme.
I don't have a VAT number, can I join the PIXARTPRO programme?
No, unfortunately only professionals with a VAT number can join the PIXARTPRO programme.
How do I join the PIXARTPRO programme?
Membership of the PIXARTPRO programme is granted at Pixartprinting's discretion during registration.
Membership is decided on an individual basis and is linked to a single customer reference number. This customer becomes the sole holder of the membership. Multiple programme memberships are not permitted.

Pixartprinting will always check the accuracy of the information provided.
Furthermore, Pixartprinting may suspend a participant's membership of the PIXARTPRO programme as a result of any conduct it considers to be improper or fraudulent.
How do I renew my membership of the PIXARTPRO programme? Does programme membership have an expiry date?
You do not need to renew your PIXARTPRO programme membership as there is no expiry date.
I haven't reached the lowest threshold required to receive a PIXARTPRO voucher. Am I still part of the PIXARTPRO programme?
Yes, failing to reach the threshold for a month means you miss out on the PIXARTPRO monthly voucher, but does not prevent you taking part in the programme.
Is there a membership fee to pay for the PIXARTPRO programme?
Absolutely not – you will never have to pay a membership fee.


These terms and conditions apply to the discount programme “PIXARTPRO” proposed by Pixartprinting S.p.A., a Cimpress company, with headquarters in Via 1° Maggio, 8, 30020- Quarto d’Altino (VE), Italy (hereinafter referred to as “Pixartprinting”) to certain specific categories of customers, as defined below.

1) The terms and phrases listed below have the meanings hereby assigned to them, it being understood that the terms defined in the singular are also referred to in the plural, and viceversa.

“Store Voucher”: the store voucher issued by Pixartprinting to Active Members who reach the minimum purchase amount of Products provided under the subsequent letter D) of these Terms and Conditions.

“Client”: means any corporation, company, association, private practitioner or private individual registered on the Pixartprinting website for the purpose of purchasing Products via the site as part of their professional business.

“Active Member”: means a Customer who already participates in the “Starway” programme of Pixartprinting or is registered in the following categories: :(i) communications agency, (ii) graphic design, (iii) typography or (iv) exhibition design.

“Products”: means products or services purchased by Customers through the Pixartprinting website.

1) PIXARTPRO is a programme exclusively dedicated to Pixartprinting’s Customers who may be qualified as Active Members and that guarantees them the opportunity to gain a Store Voucher for the purchase of additional Products, provided that the minimum amount of the Product purchases provided for in the next letter D) of these Terms and Conditions is reached.

2) PIXARTPRO membership is completely free.

1) Customers who satisfy the requirements to be considered as Active Members will receive the “Active Members” status. This status change will be notified by email. To enable participation in the PIXARTPRO programme, the Customer must accept these Terms and Conditions by using the procedure provided by Pixartprinting.

2) Multiple statuses are not admitted to the programme. Each status change is carried out on an individual basis and is linked to a single client code, which will be the sole holder of the status.

3) Active Members wishing to terminate their participation in the PIXARTPRO programme must send a notice to Pixartprinting at the following address: Once this procedure is completed, all benefits and privileges associated with the PIXARTPRO programme will cease.

4) In any case, Pixartprinting may terminate participation in the PIXARTPRO programme if there is a violation of these Terms and Conditions, false representation of membership to a category that is eligible to be an Active Member, disputes of any kind with Pixartprinting, and in any case for any behaviour deemed improper or fraudulent by a participant, resulting in the deactivation of Active Member status. In such cases, all benefits and privileges associated with the PIXARTPRO program will be interrupted immediately.

1) In the event of the exceeding of minimum thresholds of purchases made in a given calendar month, Pixartprinting shall recognise the entitlement of Active Members to a Store Voucher which gives them entitlement to a discount on the purchase of Products to be made in the next month, according to the terms stated below:

Monthly spending threshold Store Voucher value
1 - 499,99 € 2,5% of monthly expenditure
€0,025 - €12,5
500 - 1.499,99 € 5% of monthly expenditure
€25 - €75
1.500 - 4.999,99 € 7,5% of monthly expenditure
€112,5 - €375
5.000 € + 10% of monthly expenditure

If the amount does not exceed the threshold, the Store Voucher shall not be issued.

2) The achievement of a monthly purchase threshold and the correlated Voucher encompass all the purchases made previously in that month, therefore excluding the entitlement to any Store Vouchers corresponding to the lower monthly threshold(s).

3) The monthly spending threshold will be calculated on the net value of the purchases of Products made by Active Members, therefore net of applicable taxes, transport and packaging expenses, as well as discounts of any kind applied by Pixartprinting (promotions, promocodes, coupons, Store Voucher pertaining to this programme, etc). Product purchases that are considered under this programme are only those that (i) have been paid by Active Members, (ii) specify a delivery date in the reference month for the calculation of the purchase threshold, and that (iii) were also dispatched by Pixartprinting within the same month: purchases with a delivery date for the month following the month under calculation will be used in calculating the minimum threshold applicable in the following month.

4) Once participation in the PIXARTPRO programme is activated, a counter shall appear on the personal page of the Active Member which shall display the value of Product purchases made in each calendar month, and any monthly spending thresholds exceeded.

5) At the end of every month (at 23:00 of the last day of the month) the amount of the monthly expenditure will be calculated for the purpose determining entitlement to a Store Voucher. The Customer agrees that the values resulting from the counter shall be binding for the definition of the purchases during the calendar month and therefore also for the granting of the Store Voucher.

6) In calculating the Store Voucher, no amounts may be added from different accounts, even if those accounts belong to the same person.

1) The Store Voucher recognised by Pixartprinting shall be valid for one month and may be used by the Active Member solely for the purchase of Products to be made during the month following the month of calculation of that voucher. At the end of the validity period, the Store Voucher will no longer be valid and may not be used by the Active Member.

2) In order to qualify for the discounts, the Active Member must select the Store Voucher when confirming the purchase order of the Products; the Store Voucher will be applied by deducting from the maximum amount available, but always with a minimum charge of €1 for each processing included in the order.

3) The Store Voucher is not convertible into money, nor may it be transferred to third parties.

4) In the event of a dispute recognised by Pixartprinting or the cancellation of an order that has used the Store Voucher, the Store Voucher shall be refunded to the Active Member and will be available for use on other orders, if in the meantime it does not expire.

1) The PIXARTPRO programme is implemented in compliance with communications sent from Pixartprinting to Customers and as specified from time to time, as in the Terms and Conditions available in the PIXARTPRO section on the Pixartprinting website.

2) Pixartprinting reserves in any case the right to change the structure of the PIXARTPRO programme, membership requirements, benefits, offers and other programme features described in these Terms and Conditions, or to terminate, even with regard to one or more individual Active Members, the PIXARTPRO programme at any time, as this is a promotion which is free of charge, and which is not the subject of contracts relating to individual orders or the contractual relationship between Pixartprinting and the Customer in its entirety.

3) Pixartprinting undertakes to inform Active Members of any material changes to the PIXARTPRO programme and to the Terms and Conditions. The Active Members will from time to time be required to view the changes and updates by directly accessing the Terms and Conditions section of PIXARTPRO. The continuation of an Active Member in the participation of the PIXARTPRO programme will be deemed as acceptance of the changes.

4) Pixartprinting will not be liable for any loss or damages resulting from the insertion of any provision or change of the specifications of the PIXARTPRO programme, except where this is due to fraud or gross negligence.

5) In the event of a discrepancy between the version of these Terms and Conditions in Italian and versions in other languages, in every case the Italian version shall prevail.

6) For any communication concerning the PIXARTPRO programme, each Active Member should contact the Pixartprinting customer service and provide their customer number.

7) These Conditions are governed by Italian law.

8) All disputes concerning the interpretation and/or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions will be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Venice. Where applicable, they will be governed by the Consumer Code.

For graphic arts professionals
we believe work is easier with a trusted partner
PIXARTPRO is a programme we have designed exclusively for marketing agencies and graphic design studios, which rewards you with vouchers and exclusive services.
we'll give you cash back on what you spend every month
if you spend
1 - 499,99 €
if you spend
500 - 1.499,99 €
if you spend
1.500 - 4.999,99 €
if you spend
5.000 € +
It's simple! Spend at least €1 over the course of a month and we'll reward you with a voucher to use the following month.
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custom sender and anonymous shipping
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100% satisfaction guarantee
100% satisfaction guarantee
Our service is 100% guaranteed. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the result, we'll find a solution together: reprinting your items or crediting your account with the amount spent or, in some cases, even refunding the whole order.
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