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Privacy Policy

By this policy, Pixartprinting S.p.A. intends informing the users visiting "www.pixartprinting.ro" Website (hereinafter, the “ Website”) of the policy established with regard to Personal Data Protection, emphasising its own commitment and care concerning protection of the privacy of visitors to the Website. You are kindly invited to read our Privacy Policy that applies both in case you access the website and decide to merely browse through it using our services, without purchasing any product, and in case you decide to make some purchases.

You are furthermore invited to read, if you have not already done so, the Terms of Use of the Website as they also contain important indications about the security systems adopted by the Website.

Browsing through the Website is free and does not require any registration, except for some areas where the user can freely and expressly provide a series of data concerning his person to access specifically identified services (e.g., to be able to proceed with purchases, subscribe to the newsletter or request information from us, etc.). Should the visitor, therefore, intend providing us with his personal data to access such additional services, he will be expressly informed pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 “Personal Data Protection Code” (the “Code”) and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 “General Data Protection Regulation” (the “Regulation”), along with the indication (by way of illustration) of the purposes and methods of using the data by Pixartprinting S.p.A., as well as the right to request at any time access to, the erasure of the data or their updating. Any reference to the Code found in the Privacy Policy, and in the Website in general, must be considered valid and effective within the limits and to the extent that the legal rules recalled remain in force subsequently to the implementation date of the Regulation (25 May 2018).
The website is not intended for children under the age of sixteen, who are also forbidden from creating an account or otherwise providing their personal data.

Pursuant to the Code and the Regulation, Pixartprinting S.p.A. provides the following information.

1. The Data Controller and Data Processors

The personal Data Controller is Pixartprinting S.p.A., based in Via 1° Maggio 8, 30020, Quarto d’Altino (VE), Tax Code and VAT No. C 04061550275, Registration in the Companies Registry of Venice no. 04061550275, Share Capital EUR fully paid up, e-mail support@pixartprinting.com (hereinafter “Pixartprinting”, the “Data Controller” or the “Company”).

On exclusively organisational and functional grounds, we have appointed some service providers instrumental to management of the Website as external processors of users’ personal data for purposes strictly associated with and related to performance of the services provided by the Website, including the sale of products.
In accordance with Article 37 of the Regulation, the Data Protection Officer may be contacted by sending an email to: dpo@pixartprinting.com.

2. Types of personal data processed

To access the Website, you do not have to proceed with any registration. Inside the Website, however, there are sections requiring registration or the use of username and password (e.g. to register in the customer area or finalise the online purchasing process), or services for the use of which you have to provide your data (e.g. your data might be requested to access newsletter services, to contact us, etc.). Click here for more information.

As regards the data relating to browsing through the Website, see also the following point 6 on the profiling Tools used by the Website.

3. Voluntary nature of the provision of personal data

The provision of personal data is generally speaking optional. Only in certain instances, failure to provide them might entail the impossibility to access specific services and obtain what might have been requested (e.g. registration - and the provision of personal details, e-mail address, postal address, details of credit/debit card or banking coordinates and telephone number - is necessary to proceed with the purchase of online products); failure to provide such data might accordingly prevent Pixartprinting from allowing access to the Website services or reply to users’ requests. 

The data from time to time required are indicated in the data collection forms found on the Website – marking them for instance with an asterisk (*) – and the consequences of failure to provide them are set out in the specific privacy policies found on the data collection pages.

4. Purposes
The data are collected and processed for purposes strictly associated with use of the Website and its services and online purchases of products. The purposes for using the data are set out in detail in the specific information notices provided by the Website in all the instances of data collection. Therefore, we ask you to read the privacy policies that from time to time describe the processing to be carried out by Pixartprinting (e.g., for registration with the newsletter service, to access the customer area, etc.). Your data will be processed in full compliance with the legislation on privacy.

5. Method and duration of data processing and scope of disclosure

The data may be processed on both electronic and paper support (e.g., to manage purchases on the Website). Pixartprinting warrants the lawful and due processing of the personal data provided through the Website, in full compliance with the legislation in force, as well as maximum confidentiality of the data provided at the time of registration. All the information collected is transmitted through a protected connection in order to avoid it being intercepted by strangers.

Any data provided by the users will be processed for the time periods laid down in the specific privacy policies provided at the time of collecting the data.

As regards the storage times of data detected through the use of profiling tools (e.g. cookies), see our Cookie Policy.

The data will not be communicated or disseminated to third parties except within the limits and on the conditions expressly set out in the information notice from time to time provided to the user and subject to his prior authorisation. Where data is being transferred to a separate controller we will identify that controller to you and provide further details.

6. Links to other websites

This privacy policy is only provided for the website www. Pixartprinting.co.uk and not for the other websites consulted by the user via connecting links. Pixartprinting cannot be held liable for the personal data provided by the users to external subjects or to any websites linked to this Website.

7. "Profiling" and/or customisation tools

Pixartprinting does not carry out any activity of promotional and/or advertising communication without the user’s prior express consent.

The Website uses both technical “cookies” (i.e., to facilitate Website browsing and use) and profiling ones (i.e., to analyse the users and their behaviours and preferences, and letting them receive customised advertisements).

For a detailed explanation on the cookies used by the Website, you are kindly invited to read our Cookie Policy.

8. Place of data processing

The processing associated with the services provided by the Website are carried out (i) at the office of Pixartprinting indicated under point 1 here above and are carried out by the persons tasked with processing by Sales & Marketing Management, (ii) as well as by the companies that provide services instrumental to management of the Website, appointed as external data processors. A full list of external data processors appointed by Pixartprinting can be requested from the contact persons mentioned under point 9 of the Privacy Policy.

To enable us to manage our website properly, as well as to fulfil our contractual obligations, your personal data may be transferred to countries outside of the European Union, such as Tunisia, the USA, Anglia and San Marino.

The transfer of your data will take place in full compliance with the warranties, the provisions and the rights laid down by the legislation on privacy. Upon a simple request (see paragraph 9 of the privacy policy), you may receive more information on transfer of your data and on the warranties provided for their protection . Where we transfer your data from a location inside the EEA to parties outside the EEA that do not offer adequate protection as determined by the European Commission, we will ensure arrangements are in place which enable us to transfer the data to them and that enable you to exercise your rights in accordance with the applicable law described in paragraph m.

Where expressly set out in the relevant agreements, the data processors referred to above may transfer users' personal data to countries outside the European Union as part of activities carried out for the benefit of the Company, so long as the purposes set out in this policy and the guarantees, measures and rights set out in the Regulation are strictly adhered to.

9. Data subjects’ rights

By sending a notice to the e-mail address support@pixartprinting.com, you may at any time exercise the rights set out in Articles 15 to 23 of the Regulation, including knowledge of which data we are processing, in which manner and for which purpose we are using them, accessing and amending the data you have provided us or erasing them, asking us to limit use of your data, and requesting to receive or transmit your data, subject always to the possibility of amending any consent (if any have been provided). Furthermore, you may always object to the processing of your data carried out, specifically, for purposes of marketing or analysis of your preferences.

10. Who to contact if you wish to lodge a complaint

We remind you that, should you be dissatisfied with the replies received from Pixartprinting (pursuant to paragraph 8) here above), you may in any event, if you believe that the processing related to your person breaches the provisions of the Regulation, lodge a complaint with the Authority for your personal data protection (www.garanteprivacy.it), or with the Data Protection Authority of the country in which you habitually reside or work or where the alleged breach occurred.

11. Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is governed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 and by the national regulations applicable to the specific case.

The Regulation ensures that the personal data processing takes place in compliance with the fundamental rights and freedoms, as well as the dignity of the data subject, especially as regards the confidentiality, the personal identity and the right to personal data protection.

12. Revision clause

Pixartprinting reserves the right to revise, amend or simply update, in whole or in part, at its exclusive discretion, in any manner and/at any time, without prejudice, this Privacy Policy, due also to the amendment of legal or regulatory provisions in the field of personal data protection. As appropriate, the amendments and updates to the Privacy Policy will be notified to the users by (i) e-mail sent to the registered Website users and (ii) publication on the Home Page of the Website, and will be binding as soon as published and communicated. We accordingly invite you to regularly access this section in order to check publication of the latest and most updated Privacy Policy or check your e-mail address.

The full text of Regulation (EU) 679/2016 can be consulted on the website of the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority www.garanteprivacy.it.
Should Pixartprinting obtain personal information and data, it will inform users in advance of the purposes for which such data have been requested and how they will be used. If need be, Pixartprinting will obtain the user’s specific consent as regards use of the data. By way of illustration, such personal data as name and surname, telephone number and e-mail address may be requested, along with other information the user accepts to provide by filling out a specific registration form (e.g., to access the customer area on the Website). Pixartprinting will use the personal data collected online solely for the purposes indicated at the time of registration. 
The data pertaining to connection and browsing through the Website (such as the URI-Uniform Resource Identifier addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply, the numerical code indicating the status of the reply given by the server (successful, error, etc.), and other parameters relating to the operating system and to the user’s computer environment) are collected for the sole purpose of drawing anonymous statistical information on Website use and to check its correct operation, and are erased immediately after they are processed. The data might be used to ascertain liability in the event of possible computer crimes against the Website: apart from that scenario, the data will be erased once the time necessary to performance of the services illustrated on the Website has expired.
Your data shall be processed pursuant to Article 6(1)(b) and (c) of the Regulation and based on your consent, pursuant to Article 6(1)(a) of the Regulation, as well as our legitimate interest in the provision of services through the website and in loyalty programs for users pursuant to Article 6(1)(f) of the Regulation, Article 122 of the Code and Directive 58/2002 (as subsequently amended and supplemented). In any event, the processing will take place in compliance with the legal provisions in force – as subsequently amended and/or supplemented – issued in relation to the subject matter herein by the Italian Personal Data Protection Authority.

The applicable privacy legislation stipulates that no specific consent on your part is required for transfer of your data to third countries, inasmuch as your data are transferred to a country ensuring an adequate level of protection (Article 45 of the Regulation) or pursuant to the adoption of adequate warranties (Articles 46 and 47 of the Regulation), specifically pursuant to the adoption of binding rules for corporate groups, the adoption of contractual clauses approved by the European Commission. 
Specifically as regards: 
- Tunisia the data are transferred according to the adoption of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission pursuant to Article 46(2) of the Regulation; 

- to the United Kingdom, the transfer of data is carried out based on the Adequacy Decision adopted by the European Commission on 28 June 2021, pursuant to article 45 of the Regulation;
- the US, the data are transferred according to the adoption of standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission pursuant to Article 46(2) of the Regulation. 
Your data will accordingly be transferred to third parties in full compliance with the warranties, the provisions and the rights laid down by the above-listed rules, as better specified in the specific privacy policies relating to the Pixartprinting Website pixartprinting.co.uk collection of your data included on the Website. In any event, upon a simple request (see point 9 of the privacy policy), you may receive information on the existence of an adequacy decision or on the appropriate warranties and safeguards adopted to enable transfer of your data, as well as the means employed to obtain such data or the place where copies have been made available.

Articolele 15 - 23 din Regulament recunosc drepturi specifice, inclusiv:

Dreptul de a se opune prelucrării: Utilizatorul are dreptul să se opună anumitor tipuri de prelucrare a datelor cu caracter personal, inclusiv prelucrarea bazată pe interesul legitim al Companiei sau prelucrarea efectuată în scopuri de marketing direct;

- Dreptul de a fi informat: Utilizatorul are dreptul de a primi informații clare, transparente și ușor de înțeles despre modul de utilizare a datelor sale personale și exercitarea drepturilor sale;

- Dreptul de a accesa datele personale: Utilizatorul are dreptul de a accesa propriile date personale (în măsura în care acestea fac obiectul prelucrării de către Companie) și de a solicita, în orice moment ulterior, informații suplimentare cu privire la prelucrare (de ex. ce date care îl privesc sunt prelucrate, scopul prelucrării, categoriile de date în cauză, destinatarii sau categoriile de destinatari cărora le sunt transmise datele, perioada de păstrare sau criteriile utilizate pentru a determina această perioadă). Astfel utilizatorul va fi informat și va putea verifica dacă Compania folosește datele sale personale în conformitate cu legislația actuală privind protecția datelor cu caracter personal;

- Dreptul la actualizare și modificare: Utilizatorul are dreptul de a obține corectarea datelor sale personale dacă acestea sunt inexacte sau incomplete. Dacă Utilizatorul este înregistrat pe Site, va avea posibilitatea de a modifica, corecta sau actualiza datele sale personale în orice moment, accesând contul său;

- Dreptul de anulare: Cunoscut și sub denumirea de „dreptul de a fi uitat”, acesta permite utilizatorului să solicite anularea sau ștergerea datelor sale personale în cazul în care nu există motive obligatorii ce determină necesitatea păstrării acestora de către Companie. Nu există un drept absolut la anulare, care va fi, prin urmare, echilibrat cu nevoile Companiei (de ex. nu va putea fi solicitată anularea datelor pe care Compania este obligată să le păstreze pentru a îndeplini o obligație legală sau în scopul constatării, exercitării sau apărării unui drept în instanță);

- Dreptul de a limita prelucrarea: Utilizatorul are dreptul de a „bloca” sau limita utilizarea ulterioară a datelor sale personale. Dacă prelucrarea a fost supusă limitării, Compania poate păstra în continuare datele personale ale utilizatorului, însă nu le va putea prelucra ulterior. În cazul exercitării dreptului, Compania va întocmi liste specifice ce conțin detaliile subiecților care au solicitat limitarea prelucrării datelor personale, pentru a se asigura că restricția este respectată;

- Dreptul la portabilitate: Utilizatorul are dreptul de a obține propriile date într-un format structurat, utilizat în mod obișnuit și lizibil de un dispozitiv automat și de a le reutiliza în scopuri proprii în cadrul diverselor servicii. Acest drept trebuie înțeles ca limitat la datele colectate ca parte a stipulării sau executării unui contract cu Utilizatorul sau pe baza consimțământului acestuia.

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